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Gepostet am 5. Oktober 2020  | Stefan Mesch

Twitter Captions [NSFW. CN: Slurs]

Sexy Paper No. 3

This shower bench has changed my life

Happy national jockstrap day

Here’s a reminder that disabled people are sexual beings.

I wanna flip fuck right now

day 17 since my last orgasm

Laundry Day means Naked All Day

All 3 of us wore Spider-Man suits

Hi I’m trans and this is me being visible.

Josh, a dancer, has such a zest for life. I love being around him. See more below:

Decided i need to be a bit more confident about my body. It's the only one i have and i kinda like it. It's not perfect, but it's mine!

amazing little otter dick

Cosplay – Adam & Eve

did some new self-portraits this morning …

Instagram with underwear on. Twitter with underwear off.

"Lawrence Graham-Brown works in sculpture, painting, performance and other media. His work deals with Black male sex/sexuality, notions of beauty, desire, consumerism and larger themes surrounding the Black male body in the public domain."

Just woke up and somehow I’m posing on the floor

The gag went in shortly after this.

What do they call this move in wrestling?

"Es muy liberador estar desnudo frente a cien personas, pero no hay nada sexual en hacer el amor en un set de película." – Bill Paxton

Happy anniversary you big lovable fag

My mother was sent this photo of me a few years ago by someone with vicious intent. She was just happy that after so long in the closet I was finally going out having fun.

please help me get more people to follow so more people can see my cock.

Rubber always leads to objectification

Did someone say #tummytuesday?

Relaxing in my favorite position. Who wants a go?


Take your clothes off

If you haven't jerked off to a hot guy with a small cock yet in 2020, now is the time!!

Don’t forget to paint the face of the ones you love

This wasn't my first time playing with Player 21 but he would never lose. Unfortunately for him, he lost really badly this time (dice game) and had to choose between locking himself and cumming on his face. He chose the cage.

It’s my birthday!! So here’s a quick vid of me blowing a guest speaker at my university

Just a lone naked boy in his room

Passing the time with friends.

Turns out you can get through airport security while locked

Be proud of who you are.

Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

This photo is shown at the exhibition „Die Liebe der Matrosen“ at the Gallery Gustav von Hirschheydt in Berlin. Prints are available.

Never been great about making the bed

Please I’m in need of a hung dude to make me spit, gag and choke all over his cock today. In total cock worship mode. Feed me poppers and fuck my mouth into submission

The aftermath of a wonderfully intense and forceful rope bondage session

This is my husband. Follow him.

Happy to share

Arthur | Dutch reality contestant | Undress for Love (S01E04, RTL)

I miss having someone else in my bedroom. #bigguysinrubber #rubberedinlockdown

My beautiful slave just got his top surgery, and we surprised him by letting him set his old binder on fire.

Just over 5 years ago I made my first tweet. I started this to inspire others to explore their fetish identity.

Hooded and helpless.

Geared but also naked

Trying to be cute with some chains

Tired of thinking of captions. I just wanted to be slutty.

We’re really humbled and grateful that a handful of folks have joined us on Onlyfans. We're just 2 dorky exhibitionists who love taking photos and videos

365 days. What a milestone to be locked for a whole year!! To me chastity is a form of self love. The commitment to yourself, the never ending patience, the personal lows and highs – it's all part of the bittersweet and rewarding journey. I'll be smiling all of today!!

You enter the room and you see me like this. What will you do?

'Send Nudes' / Markus Christensen Dance artist / Norway

Been taking some time to myself, soaking up the sun and reading

Tired, but never too tired to get my dick out

The side of that torn underwear pic I couldn't show on Instagram lol Hugo Catalan in “El juego de las llaves”

Nothin like an amazing rope session to help you find yourself again Spent an hour or so on a cam site the other day, I’ve never really done this before but it was kind of hot being watched …

You can degrade someone. You can humiliate them. You can make them drip from all the enticing words that you say. But if you forget that there is a human on the other side of that submissive desire, you are the worst kind of garbage that infects the BDSM community.

The most important question of the day. Do we prefer a rubber or leather?

Smiling after a job well done.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

I wish I could put into words how much this pic means to me. I’ve struggled w/ hating my body most of my life. Getting into sex work has changed so much for me & I’m grateful for the confidence it has given me. Not everyday is perfect but I love my body more now than ever before

You Guys Make Me Feel Great About Myself.

Proud to expose myself

There are two situations when I look at the mirror and feel really hot. With full leather and naked in chastity

If you clicked on my profile looking for ammunition against me, boy are you in for a treat.

One last thing. While I enjoy porn, I don’t consider this a porn account. So, if you are retweeting solely for erotic purposes, I’ll ask you to reconsider. There’s very much a human at the other end of this, so I appreciate you considering that as we interact.

Jede Zeile des Texts ist ein Tweet, gefunden 2019 und 2020 bei meist queeren, oft amateurpornografischen Twitter-Accounts. Auf Plattformen wie Tumblr werden Fotos fast immer ohne Text geteilt. Doch Twitter fragt bei jedem Tweet-Entwurf "What's happening?", und durch Überschriften werden Fotos (meist: Selfies) queerer Menschen dort ... ironisiert, kontextualisiert, erklärt und oft: gerechtfertigt.

Das war Sexy Paper No. 3. Sexy Papers sind Einsendungen von queeren Autor*innen, die unserem *Call for Sexy Papers* im Juli/August 2020 gefolgt sind und uns ihre literarisch-queeren Sexszenen geschickt haben. Ganz gleich, ob pornografisch, realistisch, symbolistisch, surreal oder einfach nur poetisch – diese Texte brechen mit einem immer noch hartnäckigen Tabu.

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