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Becoming a

If you are interested in our work or our topics,
if you want to support, sponsor us or actively contribute
we‘d be happy if you drop us a note!

For us, the basics of networking are that you promote us within your network, that you recommend us and that you enlist networkers from the media industry.

As a networker we will add you to our email list and list your name and area of work (and if available weblink) on our page in the section "Netzwerk" (network) in ther German version.
Queer networkers will be listed under "Family" and others under the respective other headings. Take a look here.

(Regrettably we are not able to respond to all inquiries if we first have to research who is writing to us.)
In order to figure out in which area and which region networking and/or supporting us makes sense, please briefly tell us about your work - preferably with a link to your website - and let us know in which city you live!).

As a further step, you can email us a portrait photo of yourself, including the credit to the photographer along with a short statement about why or how you want to get involved in the QMS (max. 300 letters including blanks!).
This will then be used for publication on our social media sites and in our homepage gallery, where you can already find many examples.

Become a Networker or send us an Email here:



in charge:
Kai S. Pieck, Berlin
Susann S. Reck, Berlin
Julius Kraft, Berlin (website editorial)
Alexander Graeff, Berlin (blog editorial)
Katja Anton Cronauer, Berlin (English translation)

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