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About us 


of the people living in Germany refer to themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.

The unreported number is estimated at 10%. (And the cited study "Counting the LGBT population" of 2016 does not even capture inter* persons or the gender fluid community!)

The media in no way represent that!

As part of a study on “Audiovisual Diversity“ published in 2017
Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Prommer of the University Rostock stated:
“The German TV [and cinema] is heterosexual!“

There are no representative surveys regarding the music, advertising and games industry, the print media, publishing and stage entertainment.

This has to change!

On our German version page "Netzwerk" you will find our team, family, straight friends, sponsors, promoters and partners


More LGBTTIQ*-topics and players in the media by taking into consideration a code of practice regarding the topics:

  • gender
  • gender transition
  • sexual identity and orientation
  • ethnic origin
  • disability/impairment
  • body positivity
  • diversity of age
  • religion and world view
  • socioeconomic and cultural background

The promotion of a diverse and equality-oriented working environment in media companies and institutions

To promote
 and representation
queer people
and their relation- and partnerships.

The goal is to enable a minority to proportionately be part of decision making about personnel decisions, contents and topics and in the media to portray the reality of life.
Only by being present in everyday working life and making it visible in the media beyond stereotypical depictions can it be possible to successfully bring other lifeworlds closer to the heteronormalized working environment and audience and bring about acceptance, knowledge and social acceptance, as well as keeping it.

We therefore demand, that 7% of the regular output of all media productions cover LGBTTIQ* contents and characters.

In human resource management of media companies – not only regarding the creative crew – concepts of diversity must be introduced or refined and full-time diversity officers must be nominated.

In order to enforce our demands on a personnel level, it is however essential that as many as possible queer people come out themselves.
We ask all media professionals to do this!

The structural goal of the QMS is to provide the following media sections:

FILM / TV / WEB / RADIO (fictional/non-fictional)
JOURNALISM (text/image)

To this end the first working committees are currently being set up. On the one hand they are to work out the bases for corresponding study concepts, the results of which will frame our list of demands to media management and governments. And on the other hand, they are to develop and offer creative, practical suggestions, handouts with recommendations and workshops for our queer visibility in the respective fields.

Networking is important! The feedback on the founding of the QMS even more proved how important the need for personal and professional networking and exchange is​​​. But we are not an agency for queer media professionals or a job exchange!

Find out who already is part of our network in the German version.

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